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Episode 20: Getting to Know Jonathan

We’re all on a health journey. We don’t travel alone in this! Join us as we learn more about our founder, Jonathan Hunsaker! He’s openly sharing about his childhood and how he came to start Organixx. Jonathan shares inspiration and motivation by sharing his struggles and successes along his health journey.



Episode 19: 10 Reasons to Consume Juice Daily - Part 2

Is juicing the fountain of youth hiding in plain sight?!? We continue the top 10 reasons you, not should, but want to be consuming green juice every day. Jonathan and TeriAnn also tell us what we should look for in a green superfood as a replacement for the days you just can’t get the juicer running. What are the differences between juices and smoothies? We weigh in on the topic this week. You really want to listen to this episode and hear the #1 reason to drink your green juice. It will surprise you, guaranteed!



Episode 18: 10 Reasons to Consume Juice Daily - Part 1

Juicing? Everyone is talking about it? What’s the big deal? Today Jonathan and TeriAnnshare their juicing tips and experiences as well as the top 10 health benefits to juicing.



Episode 17: 10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

We’re continuing our L.O.V.E. theme! Listen as we deep dive into self-care. Once you understand why it matters you will view self-care in a new light.



Episode 16: 10 Essential Keys to Unlocking Self-Love

Let’s talk about LOVE! Self-Love isn’t some trendy phrase. It’s scientifically proven that increasing your self-love muscle improves your health. Tune in to hear empirically-validated ways to exercise your self-love muscle.



Episode 15: Collagens: Hype or Healthy

The search term collagen has increased 40% already just in this year alone! So, is all the hype trendy or true? We’ve done the research and that’s the question we answer this week!



Episode 14: How-To Use Cannabis and CBD’s to Heal Your Body

In this week’s episode we dive deeper into understanding medical cannabis. Does it really cure what ails you or is this all smoke and mirrors?



Episode 13: Understanding the Healing Power of Cannabis

In this episode, we talk with John Malanca about cannabis! We tackle topics like, what is cannabis, how it used medically, the difference between THC and CBD, and much more!



Episode 12: Sugar Addiction: It's a REAL Thing

In this episode, we discuss sugar! We tackle topics like, what is a carb, what is sugar addiction, the problem with flours, how sugar compares to cocaine and heroin in the brain, tips for feeding your kids or grandkids, and much more!



Episode 11: Making Your Resolutions a Reality

In this episode, Jonathan and TeriAnn dig deep into setting goals and your New Year Resolution by discussing the difference between goals, rituals, and schedules, benefits of goals, statistics around the world, their #1 tip for setting yourself up for success in attaining your goals, and much much more!



Episode 10: Effective Goal Setting in the New Year

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Susan Peirce-Thompson. She helps us understand the psychology of goal setting, types of goals, the levels of change, what keystone habits are, and much more!



Episode 9: Coping With The Holiday Hangover

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Susan Peirce-Thompson as she explains how to cope with the holiday food hangover with topics like the term bright-line, exercise bulimia, states of food addiction, the importance of self-compassion, how she got to her ideal body weight and has kept it there for 15 years, and much more!



Episode 8: Prop 65: What You Need To Know

In this episode, we discuss topics around Prop 65 regulations including what it is, how it affects supplement companies, Prop 65 standards versus National and International standards, a deep dive into lead, savvy consumer tips, and much more!



Episode 7: 2018 Holiday Edition: Holiday Hacks - 27 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

In this episode of the Empowering You Organically Podcast, we are bringing you a special HOLIDAY EDITION, where you will learn helpful tips for heading into the holidays, before a holiday party, while you are at the party, the morning after the party, and to deal with holiday stress.......all to help you stay happy as healthy during the holiday season!



Episode 6: Boosting Your Immune System using Mushrooms

In this episode, we discuss topics including the history of mushrooms, what they are, why they are beneficial to the planet and humans, types of medicinal mushrooms and their amazing properties, why cultivation methods matter, and much more!



Episode 5: Inflammation & Turmeric (Do’s & Don’ts)

In this episode, we discuss topics including the history of turmeric, what is inflammation, the two types of inflammation, the turmeric and black pepper myth, fermentation and much more!



Episode 4: Multi-Vitamins: Hype or Healthy?

In this episode with Doc Nuzum, we discuss topics, including ingredients to look for, absorption and dosing, RDA recommendations, nutritional deficiency diseases, what makes an effective multi, what to avoid, MTHFR mutation and much more!



Episode 3: Nutraceutical vs. Pharmaceuticals & Why Organic Matters

In this episode with Doc Nuzum, we explore topics, including; Nutraceutical vs. Pharmaceuticals, Synthesized Compounds, Can I Take Too Much When It Comes To Supplements, How Does a Whole Food Supplement Compare, Organic versus Non-Organic and much, much more.



Episode 2: Synthetic vs. Whole Food Supplements & Delivery Systems

In this episode with Doc Nuzum, we discuss topics, including; How Synthetics are Created, Inorganic and Organic Compounds, Your Nutritional Profile, Supplementation and Toxicity, Whole Food Approach, Why Fermentation, Different Delivery Systems, Why Humic and Fulvic and much, much more.



Episode 1: The History of Supplements

In this premiere episode with Doc Nuzum, we explore many topics, including:How Trade Routes opened the possibilities, Eclectics and the role they played, Native American remedies, When the medical landscape changed, The Flexner Report, Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Hoxsey and Modern-day supplements, Capsules vs Tablets, Why people take supplements, Bio-Individuality, Synthetic VS Whole food vitamin C, and much, much more.....